Moving on

Finding out that our move to the east coast might be sooner than we had planned is a huge shock to me. I know that we can never just depend on dates that we think, everything can always change. I'm just focused on finishing school and graduating so that I can move on to the next step in my life. My family has changed me so much and I love my husband and children. Now I need to make sure I'm keeping myself in mind so that I can stay motivated to succeed. I will be looking into careers and opportunities in both locations so that I wont be caught of guard too much when we get babes dates to move.
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Comp Exam

I cant believe that I finally took my comp exam! I am so happy that I passed the multiple choice section and now I just have to wait for the essay results. I think I did good but i don't know if I passed. Knowing how many people have to retake the essay portion of the test, makes me think that I didn't do so well. I guess I will just have to wait and see how it all goes! Wish me luck
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Paying for your actions

Being married and forgiving someone means that you take care of each other no matter the bumps in the road. Even though we now have to take care of some extra things we will be able to get through all of this together. I know it was a very stressful morning for my babe and for myself because everything that happens affects us both, now we just have to figure things out so we can stay with our heads above water. We are our own support system. We will get through this together.
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another busy week

i dont know how i have put so much on my plate and never thought twice about it before. in the past i would add so much to my schedule until i had no room for 'days off'. now i feel like every day off i have is just another day to clean and do things around the house. oh the joys of motherhood. dont get me wrong, i love being a full-time student and mom and i love the fact that my babe supports me in getting my degree, i just never thought that this is were id be at this point in my life. one i started dating chris i knew i wanted to build a family with him and all the possibilities and it changed my outlook on life. after i got pregnant all i wanted to do was be a good mom and wife because i knew those are my first priorities. i love my babe and son and i hope i can finish school in a timely manner and help support the family and be able to prove that no matter what i have been faced with, i am still able to achieve my own goals, even though they are not the exact same goals i had a few years ago.

another busy week has passed and i know this week will be filled with surprises because every day with my little one is different. I am happy that i only have school two days a week and that the rest of the time i can spend with my baby. i cant wait for my babe to be home again so that we can work on strengthening our own relationship and celebrating a late valentines day as a family.


my little one is about 3 and half months old now and i was so happy that he was on a good sleeping schedule and would be so hapy during the day and go straight to sleep in the evening after he played and ate. Now that he's teething I hate to hear him cry.. last night wasnt too bad being the first time im really noticing him putting his hands in his mouth and trying to chew on the edges of his blankets. he had to sleep with me so i could calm him down but id do anything for him. Being a mom is a huge responsibility and staying up with him and trying to soothe him when he gets restless are my duties and I try my hardest to make sure he is always happy. Every milestone in his life feels like one for me as well.. watching him grow helps me see a difference in myself and how I took on the responsibility of another human being. Even though not everything was planned I have taken the challenge and I wouldnt have it any other way. just thinking about how i felt when i found out i was pregnant and how i feel now, every morning when I look into his eyes, I know that there really wasnt an option. My fate was decided for me and I love my son with all my heart. He has taught me more about myself than anyone else ever could. I consider him my best friend because he is a part of me and I vent out everything to him because I know no matter what I say he will respond with a giggle and a huge smile that helps me realize that not everything is as serious or as huge of a problem that I may think it was. I feel like since i've had him i've become more open minded and not as cold as I was before. I cant wait to be there for him during all his other milestones and grow with him. Some people say that their first child is the one that they 'experiment' with because it is all new, I think that I am experimenting with my own capabilities more than anything else. I am a strong individual ready to strive for perfection, even if I know I might not always meet the high standards i set for myself, i am stronger than I was the day before.

its been a while

It’s been about a year since I have typed up my feelings and actually spent time being able to vent out so that I wouldnt keep things all bottled up. It has been a year since ive logged into my account and I don’t know how I have spent this much time away without going crazy. I have a lot of friends and of course family that I can share things with but I feel like some things are better kept to myself. In the past year I found out I was pregnant, moved onto a military base, got married and had my son. Last year was a very long year and so much changed for me. I would’ve never thought that this is where I would be but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I will be turning journaling into a daily thing, it might not always be ‘public’ but I will be journaling for my own sanity.

Friday the 13th

I believe that all things are possible but I don't really find myself superstitious about anything in particular. Thirteen is my favorite number so to me it's just another day. I am curious to know where Friday the 13th originated form and why is it unlucky?
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Thank You Month

I have noticed that over time I hear people's conversation with their children/parents/colleagues/peers and I hear less and less manners and respect for one another as time goes on. Now people talk with so much slang that if you around a different crowd, one might not be able to understand the whole conversation completely. Along with that manners in general I have noticed are taken for granted and go unnoticed by many. I always try to remember to say thank you when asking for or receiving something and try to remain humble. Hearing people talk ill-mannered in a scholastic setting, like on a university campus, is a pet peeve of mine. Communication is key and not remembering the simple things like thank you and your welcome is something we should be more aware of.
When was the last time you said thank you?
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